CustomActions page lists user defined actions that can be included into installation sequences to be executed during installation.
  • Invoke menu item Add to insert new custom action into your setup.
  • Invoke menu item Remove to remove custom action from your setup.
Property set for the selected action depends on what this action performs and on the format of the action code. So in order to define custom action properties at first assign the value of the property Code (Target) to
  • Dll to perform the call of dll function.
  • Exe to run .exe file.
  • JScript to execute JScript script.
  • VBScript to execute VBScript script.
  • Nested Installation to install embedded setup.
  • Text to set, depending on the value of the Text property,
    • Directory value
    • Property value
    • or message text of an Error message.
Then set the value of the Source property to define a location of the action code and then set values of all other custom action properties.