To create a setup you must select a template. Formally template is a .msi formatted file which entries are common for setup family. E.g. there could be a template for the special setup UI, for the Web deployment and etc. Invoke menu item File | New and fill fields of the New Project dialog as follows:
  • .msi File will be used as project template set to the template.
  • Directory set to a project directory into where supplementary files will be placed.
  • Name set to your setup name.
  • CopySource set to CopyAll.
Press OK.
On the page General | SummaryInfo the required properties are under categories SummaryInfo Required and Database Codepage. You have to enter corresponding value for each of them.
On the page General | Properties | Required Properties fill all properties. It is recommended to enter the property UpgradeCode on page General | Properties | Product Information Properties.
Invoke menu item File | Save to save changes.
On the page Feature create setup feature tree and on page Feature | Files or Feature | Components create directory tree. Now add to setup files, registry entries, file association and other setup entries.
Invoke menu item Project | Build to create your Windows installation. The build will be placed into folder < project directory>/Debug/DiskX_Y, where
  • X ranges from 1 to the number of volumes declared in the Media table
  • Y ranges from 1 to the number of subvolumes, the volume X breaks down with respect to MaxSize property value of the volume X.